Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Teaching Inside, Outside, and On

Simple Games, Activities and Strategies to Teach Kids the Concepts of Inside, Outside and On

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There are many pre-math concepts that need to be taught. Of these concepts, INSIDE, OUTSIDE, and ON are important. Kids need to understand placement and location of objects and understand the meaning of these words to help them understand directions later in their learning. Try these activities with kids to ensure they have a sound understanding of the words inside, outside and on.

Game of Inside, Outside and On the Circle

Teaching Kids Inside Outside and On with Games

Inside Outside and On 1. With masking tape place a large circle on the floor.

2. Begin by standing inside the circle. Tell the child you are in the circle. Step outside the circle, telling the child that you are now outside the circle. Step on the perimeter of the circle. Tell the child you are now “on” the circle.

3. Repeat by having the child stand in the circle. Tell them they are inside. Have them step out of the circle and tell them they are outside the circle. Have them step on the perimeter of the circle and tell them they are on the circle.

4. Have them play Simon says and tell you inside, outside, or on the circle. Do as they instruct and move in, out or on the circle as they tell you to do.

5. Reverse roles and play Simon says again. You instruct the child to move inside, outside or on the circle.

Draw a Picture to Teach Inside, Outside and On

Teaching Inside, Outside and On to Kids

Teaching Inside Outside and On Help your child draw a face. Begin by drawing a circle. Ask the child where the eyes belong. Praise their correct answer and direct them if they answer incorrectly. Ask the child if the location of the eyes is inside our outside of the circle. Again, praise correct answers and teach if the answer is incorrect. Repeat with the mouth and nose, asking the child if it is inside or outside the circle. When making the hair and ears, show the child that they are ON the circle. Draw an object such as a tree or a sun outside the circle. Talk to the child about where this object is located.

Children Learn Through Play

Teaching Kids at Home

Teaching Kids at Home Children learn through play. Each day as they explore the world around them, they are learning! Pushing children into an academic setting too quickly can squash their enthusiasm for learning. Make learning interesting for your child with Play-Smart. You’ll find lots of ideas for helping your child learn while they are having fun!